Flashing LED Products

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Our Flashing LED products are the perfect idea for Carols by Candlelight, New Year's Eve, movie nights, discos, fetes, nightclubs, promotions, parties, camping and special occasions.

NOTE: Images are for display purposes only - actual colours and styles may vary.

All our LED flashing products are supplied with batteries installed!

IMPORTANT: Read our safety information

New: Personalized Stickers

Now Available: Personalized Stickers for most products. What a great way to personalize your up and coming events or parties!!

Please contact our office for further details & pricing.

New: Face and Body Fluoro Glow UV Paint

Non Toxic This paint lights up under a black UV light

Flashing Rainbow Tentacle Headband

RGB Lights
Price: $3.00 each

Flashing Silver Sequin Bow Headband

Six lights (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue)
Price: $2.00 each

Flashing Smiley Face Headband

8 lights: 3 Green, 3 Red, 2 Blue
7 flashing modes
Price: $3.00 each

Flashing Skull Mask

6 lights: 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green
7 flashing modes
Price: $4.75 each

Spinning Ball with Star

No music
10 lights: 4 Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue, 2 Yellow
Price: $3.45 each

Large Flashing Star Wand with a Disco Ball

11 RGB lights
21(54cm) long
5 lights in the star, 3 lights in the stem, 3 lights in the ball
Price: $3.60 each

Large Butterfly Wand

LED clear butterfly wand, 18" (45cm) long
Multi-coloured RGB lights with 3 functions
No music
Price: $3.70 each

Flashing Wand with Big Spinning Top

Red/Blue/Green Lights in the top & Red/Blue lights in the handle
Price: $3.30 each
Contact us for orders over 144 pcs

Flashing Multi Colour Bounce Ball

6.5cm in diameter (12 per box)
Price: $19.20 for box of 12

Flashing 3 Star Wand

Wand with 6 flashing functions
Price: $2.00 each

Flashing Star 40cm Long Wand with 3cm Ball End

5 Flashing Modes, 12 LED lights
Ball: 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green
Handle: 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green
Star: 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green
Price: $2.30 each

Flashing Transparent LED 2 Light Bangle

Lights: 1 red, 1 blue
Price: $1.70 each
Please specify bangle Type A when ordering

LED Bangle

Mixed colours: Red, Green, Blue

Price: $1.70 each
Please specify bangle Type B when ordering

Chasing Tube 6 LED Light Necklace

Lights: 1 red, 2 blue, 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 green
5 Flashing Modes
Price: $1.90 each

LED RGB Shutter Glasses

6 lights, 3 Functions
Price: $2.95 each

LED Rainbow Shutter Glasses

6 lights RGB 3 Functions
Price: $2.95 each

Flashing Magic Disco Ball Wand

6.5cm Ball
9 LED lights, 4 Flashing Modes
Price: $3.90

Flashing Skull Crossbones Pirate Sword

7 Flashing Modes, 7 LED lights
3 LEDs in Skull, 4 LEDs in Blade
Price: $3.50 each

Flashing Milky Tube Sword

14 RGB lights, 8 blue lights in handle
6 RGB lights in the blade
Price: $3.30 each

Super Dooper Light Saber

Size: 74cm long
Colours: Green, Blue and Red

Price: $3.00 each

Collapsible Multi Coloured Light Saber

This cool light saber features 6 different functions!
Closed length: 39cm
Extended length:86cm
Price: $3.00 each

Super Dooper Tri Colour Light Saber

Green, pink and blue lights
Price: $3.00 each

Flashing Prism Wand

With 3 functions
50cm long x 3cm diameter
Price: $2.50 each

Collapsible Magic Ball Sword

Multi-coloured RGB 3 function collapsible magic ball sword
45cm long when closed & 80cm long when opened
Price: $3.50 each

Spinning Windmill 2 Blades

Multi coloured with 32 patterns
Price: $2.85 each

Fibre Light Hairbraids

Styles: Heart & Butterfly
Price: $1.50 each

Flashing Multi Coloured Ball Gun (no laser)

Price: $3.50 each

Flashing Star Head Boppers

Colours: Red, Green and Rainbow
Price: $2.00 each


Flashing Soft Spike Squeeze Ball

Price: $1.20 per ball, boxes of 12 for $14.40
Boxes are mixed colours only.
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Flashing Ball Head Boppers

Colours: Pink, Blue and Rainbow
Price: $2.00 each

White Skull Head Bopper

Price: $2.00 each

Flashing Alien Head Boppers

Price: $2.00 each

Flashing Fur Bunny Ears

Multi Coloured RGB
Price: $2.00 each

Fibre Optic Mowhawk Headband

8 lights RGB with 6 functions
Price: $3.00 each

Flashing Foam Rainbow Baton

3 LED lights RGB, 7 Flashing Modes
Price: $1.85 each

Light Up Dolphin Bubble Gun

4 LED Lights
With batteries installed
Price: $3.95 each

Flashing Lei

With new easy to use on/off switch
Mixed colours - 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green lights
Comes with AG13 batteries, just remove tab to start
Price: $1.95 each

Soft Squeeze Necklaces

Squeeze them to turn fun LED lights on and off!

Flashing Soft Starfish
Price: $1.35 each


Flashing Clown Fish

Bubble Ring

Soft bubble ring, clear gum RGB lights
Price: $1.00 each

Flashing Novelty Rings

Eyeball: $1.30 each
(For 72pcs or more: $1.00ea)

Smiley Face: $1.30 each
(For 72pcs or more: $1.00ea)

Eyeball Smiley Face

Multicoloured Starfish Ring

Price: $1.00 each
(For 72pcs or more, only $0.80ea)

LED Flashing Mouth Guard

Price: $1.30 each

LED Finger Light (New Design)

Pack of 4 Price: $1.50 each

Flashing Soft Frog Ring RGB

Price: $1.30 each
72pcs or more: $1.00 each

Flashing Rainbow Acrylic Wine Glass

With non-slip base
Price: $2.85 each

Flashing Martini Glass

With non-slip base
Price: $2.85 each

Acrylic Long Stem Champagne Glass

With non-slip base
Price: $2.85 each

Flashing Rainbow Acrylic
500mL Beer Mug

Price: $3.50 each

Large Inflatable Shiny Balls (50cm)

Price: $5.90ea
Minimum order 10 pcs (mixed colours)

Flickering Flame Tea Light Candles

Colours: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
Price: $1.10 each


Santa on Flashing Lightstick

Sold Out

Flashes red, green and blue
35cm long
Price: $2.00 each

6" Fully Moulded Fat Candle

Sold Out

Exclusive to Go With The Glow

150mm x 15mm
Colours: Red, green, yellow
Available only as individually wrapped items.
This product glows only.

Price: $0.85 each


New Design: LED Rainbow Lightstick Candle

Sold Out

Exclusive to Go With The Glow

This has a Yellow Flame Top, with 8 functions, Red, Blue Green, in the stem. Size: 26cm x 1.9cm

Price: $1.50 each

Red & Green Christmas Tree Headbopper

Sold Out

Price: $2.00 each


Reindeer Antler Headbopper

Sold Out

With white fur, flashes red & green
Price: $2.00 each

Santa Head Boppers

Sold Out

Price: $2.00 each


Flashing Star Head Boppers

Colours: Red, Green and Rainbow
Price: $2.00 each


Flashing Ball Head Boppers

Colours: Pink, Blue and Rainbow
Price: $2.00 each